Do you believe in the possibility?


I mentioned this post would not be limited to any specific subject or issue.  So naturally, this one is from outer space.

Its Saturday afternoon.  I enjoyed coffee watching Bloomberg and later settled into watching an interesting documentary on the Nat Geo channel.  It was about about UFO’s, do they exist?  Is there a cover up?  If these people who are reporting sightings and encounters with UFO’s are in fact reporting truth and fact, how would that make you feel?  What thoughts would cross your mind?

Many years ago, I promised someone never to mention this to another person… to avoid discussing the finer details, I’ll cut to the chase!  That is, a certain someone that I knew at the time, believed and apparently interacts/interacted with an alien who is apparently living here on Earth (at that time). Of course I don’t know any more than that.  This possibility is quite intriguing.

For me personally, I believe in the possibility……especially when I look at how vast our universe is.  Check out the photo of the Tarantula Nebula which is located about 160,000 light-years from Earth in the Large Magellanic Cloud, one of the closest galaxies to the Milky Way. Refer to for more information.


Have been wanting to do this for sometime…finally its all done!  I officially have my own blog post to share my thoughts with you.  

Sanging will include everything that inspires me, excites me, challenges me or touches me at some level – it could be meaningful deep or completely superficial!  It could just include what I like or not liking at the time too.